It is all a question of knowing how to


that means “taking care of every detail”


Taking part in a fair with a a correct image means consolidating your own credibility, increasing your brand’s visibility, having more contact opportunities and reducing waste of human and economic resources. For this reason, it is of the utmost importance to rely on professionals to plan and manage your participation in trade fairs.  

We develop concepts that that can translate and interpret our customers’ identity so that it can be understood and make an impression on the visitors.Each stand is creatively designed, answering to specific functional requirements, paying attention to every detail and involving specialized professionals. All this with the aim of turning the life of a temporary architecture, , although extremely short, into an occasion for lasting beauty.




After an initial briefing phase, in which we gather the essential information, we will discuss the type of stand design that best suits your requirements, so as to produce a design proposal that takes into account your budget and your desired result. We will focus on various aspects, all equally important:

  • • the exhibition area and the different functional elements that make it up;  
  •  the brand identity and its possible variations through the use of lines, colours, shapes and materials;
  • the multimedia resources that you wish to employ in the project: tablets, interactive totems, monitors or ledwalls; and
  • the product to exhibit and the most effective way to do it.

From the initial concept we will go on to the preliminary plan and to the executive project, with the possibility to analyse every aspect thanks to advanced 3D planning. 



We usually work with specialized Italian and foreign suppliers with great experience in the exhibition field, and we can offer you the most suitable fitter for every type of stand, from the smallest to the biggest, according to the available budget and the type of event.

The design process combines creativity and functionality, and defines flexible solutions that can be reused in future fairs, thus optimising preparation costs and times. Our supplier network allows us to offer our customers a transport and installation service, that can guarantee compliance with the project, the fair regulations and labour laws.

Otherwise, if you prefer to rely on your trusted fitters, we will cooperate with them on the stand preparation and installation. 



We assist our customers in the handling of all suitability and compliance documentation required by the trade fair organisation, and we will be at the fair premises during the installation phase, so that everything is under control at all times.

The hours before the event are the most important, and a superficial attitude and lack of professionalism can compromise the investments and the efforts made months earlier. For this reason, we employ teams of specialised workers also in the installation phase. 

Furthermore, we pay great attention to the laying of graphics, since a graphic improperly laid by unskilled personnel can compromise the final result of the whole stand design.

Assistiamo i nostri Clienti nella presentazione di tutta la documentazione di idoneità e conformità richiesta dall’ente fieristico.

You just have to get to the trade fair, go to your stand and deal with your customers. We’ll do the rest.